Wildlife Removal in Collin and Rockwall, TX

Nuisance wildlife can transform a safe and sound house into a terrifying mess! Whether you need removal of bats, rats, raccoons, snakes, or squirrels (etc.), you never ever signed on to share your home or backyard with a wild animal that may harm your home or spread disease to your family. Don't tolerate an undesirable pest. Control your wildlife problem by calling AAAC Wildlife Removal today to remove your critter and help fix the damage they left behind.

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Wildlife Removal from Attics in Collin County, TX

Absolutely nothing says safety, protection, and convenience to a wild animal like your attic. Raccoons, rats, bats, and squirrels are always looking for a completely dry place to raise a family. They tear open your roofing system, damage your soffits and eaves, and infect the area with hazardous droppings. We will remove them in ways that are both safe and humane.

Wild Animal Trappers

Our team is trained on the current cutting-edge removal methods to capture all sorts of wildlife, both inside your home and out in your lawn. We practice one of the most gentle animal control methods possible, and comply with all State laws and policies concerning removing wildlife and trapping.

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Collin County Wildlife Damage Repair & Re-Entry Prevention

Getting your critters gone is just half the fight. A real wildlife solution means you need a person who can seal all the entry points (where your furry friends entered in the first place), and repair the damage they created when ripping up your wooden panels, soffits, eaves and vents. Our team is handy and capable of making any repairs you require.

Attic clean-up and insulation

If you have had a family of animals living upstairs, they have probably made a massive mess that they did not worry about cleaning up. Animal waste left in an attic (like bat guano) can be toxic! Do not attempt to remove the waste on your own without special training or equipment. Get the pros at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Collin County in there to safely sanitize your attic and replace your spoiled or trashed insulation.
We specialize in wildlife removal and control when it concerns:

Racoon Removal:

Raccoons are crafty little animals, yet we are even craftier! You may confuse us with the FBI because we always catch our bandits. Call us for your Texas Raccoon Wildlife Removal needs

Rat Control:

Rats are a pain and that’s a FACT. We will entirely resolve your rat issue (pronto!) and tidy up the mess they left in their wake. We are the best rat removal service around!

What makes us the very best wildlife control service provider for you?

We’ve spent the last 15 years establishing one of the most successful wildlife removal businesses in Collin County and in the state of Texas. We are:

  • Timely, courteous, and professional
  • Passionate about our trade and safeguarding your house
  • Gifted trappers that appreciate the animals we work with
  • Caring and humane
  • Masters at woodworking and home repair

We are fully licensed, insured, and very well reviewed on Google. We did not become the very best by making our customers anything but totally satisfied!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Exactly who do I call to remove wild animals?

A: That depends upon the animal. If you have a feral canine or feline that needs to be removed, you should really call your regional Animal Control facility. If the animal you need removed is a forest creature (like a raccoon, bat, rat, or snake), at that point you would certainly call a Collin County based Wildlife Removal provider (like us!).

Q: Exactly how do you get rid of wild animals?

A: The process for removing wild animals varies based on the animal. Bats typically need to be excluded from an attic. Raccoon control and Squirrel removal really should be done with humane trapping, relocation, and release.

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