Armadillo Removal in Killeen

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Killeen Texas can help with your Armadillo Removal, Armadillo Control, Armadillos digging in the yard and Armadillos digging up your garden in Killeen, Temple, and Belton Texas, TX. Killeen armadillo control is one of the most interesting things we do. Armadillos are a really strange looking animal. They have very small heads in relation to their bodies and all indications say poor eyesight as well.

Killeen Armadillo Removal

Getting armadillo removal and control is important because armadillos carry leprosy. Trapping armadillos is the best way to get rid of them. Armadillo trapping experts in Killeen Texas know how to get rid of armadillos. To trap armadillos is the best course to take to prevent lawn and landscape damage.

The armadillo is a relatively small animal but can do a ton of damage. They will dig up the lawn looking grubs, earthworms and other insects. Armadillos can shred a lawn quickly. When the lawn is dry they will seek out the mulch beds that hold moisture and insect life. There must be a food supply in your lawn or landscaping for armadillo problems to occur. It does you no good to control the insects as this will not stop the armadillos of Killeen Texas from coming to your house. The chemicals you put down will not control the insect thoroughly enough and they will wash into the water system and contaminate streams and ponds.

There is no effective armadillo repellant and fencing your yard may make it look unattractive. Trapping armadillos is the only way to effectively control this problem and a monthly control program may be in your best interest. Armadillos can be aggressive towards pets when cornered, so be sure your pets are kept safe from them. An armadillo can also carry rabies as it is a warm blooded mammal. When you find digging in the lawn such as cone shaped holes or what appears to be a squirrel uncovering a nut, it could be an armadillo looking for food. They will even take up residence under a house, porch and patio. If you see dirt that has been excavated from under your porch or patio, you may have an armadillo or armadillos living under your porch. An armadillo will not go away on their own and must be removed effectively. Living with armadillo damage is not the answer and removing them will end your frustration. Call AAAC Wildlife Removall of Killeen Texas to help with your Armadillo Removal, Armadillo Control, Armadillos digging in the yard and Armadillos digging up your garden in Killeen, Temple, and Belton Texas, TX.

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